Throughout this process of studying Dr. Brownson's book on sexuality a number of comments were encountered concerning the contributions Dr. Brownson has made to the Reformed Church in America during his career before the publication of this book. It is only fitting that those contributions should in some manner be acknowledged.

The following comes from Steve Mathonnet-Vanderwell:

Let me tell you a little bit about Jim Brownson. Longtime and respected New Testament professor at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Thorough, thoughtful, moderate, careful. Definitely don’t read that as “milquetoast,” but don’t read it as firebrand, radical, or pot-stirrer either. Jim has been very involved in all sorts of RCA committees and assemblies. He seems like a fixture at our annual General Synod. (This may be because he holds the uniquely Reformed ecclesiastical office known as “General Synod Professor.” More on that later.) At Synod, his unofficial role often seems to be finding a middle way, negotiating a compromise between two warring sides. He often wears what I call the “blue helmet”—as in United Nations peacekeepers. Others have called him the “white knight.” And not completely irrelevant, Jim is the son of the beloved Reformed Church radio preacher of years gone by, Bill Brownson, a warm and pious gentleman. To say the Brownson family is part of the RCA pantheon doesn’t feel like exaggeration.

(The full statement can be found at the following  link.) 

More can be learned concerning Professor Brownson's accomplishments and activities by reviewing his Curriculum Vita. Included there are three honors he received:

•Graduated Phi Beta Kappa "with high distinction" from the University of Michigan (B.A.)

•Received Henry J. Pietenpol Senior Excellence Award from Western Theological Seminary (M.Div.)

•Received the Ph.D. magna cum laude from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Many, including me, disagree with Professor Brownson's conclusions in his book. In fact, many disagree strongly. Christ prayed fervently for unity among His disciples (John 17). Therefore, it is only fitting that unity in truth would be the focus of fervent efforts on our part at this time. May the Spirit of God maintain unity and guide us into all truth.