Dr. James Brownson's book Bible,Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church's Debate of Same-Sex Relationships has gained a lot of popularity since its publication in 2013. That book understands the Bible in a way very different from what mainstream Christianity has held since its inception. Which understands the Bible correctly, Dr. Brownson, or historic Christianity? 

       In the past, some in the church used the Bible to defend the practice of slavery. As for those people, does the church now need to make a major change in its position?

       You are invited to take a look at a 20 page paper that examines Dr. Brownson's book.  This paper has been open to 3,500 pastors and professors for review and critique over a period of several years. The paper can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Looking for the Truth
In Dr. James Brownson’s
 Bible Gender Sexuality 

       You are warmly invited to contribute to this whole thought process by posting your thoughts on a blog dedicated to the above paper. In this blog comments on James Brownson's book in general are welcomed as well. Share your insights so that others may benefit from them! You will find the blog at the link below:

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