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Dr. Brownson On Romans 1

"Nature" And Same-Sex Marriages

Dr. James A. DeJong President Emeritus Calvin Theological Seminary

I have received and read your paper on points in Brownson's argument.

Thank you for the thoughtful, hard work and for the exemplary tone it displays. While I do not have the time and probably not the ability to take a definitive position on which of you is correct on points you raise, I find your analysis substantive and compelling. It deserves serious, respectful consideration. Exemplary Christian dialogue on this matter of such vital importance to the church and culture at large would be well served by an equally substantive, lucid and charitable response to you from Professor Brownson.

Rev. Wendell Karsen Pastor in the Reformed Church in America

 It is meticulously done and effectively refutes Dr. Brownson’s exegesis of this key passage in which he attempts to avoid the plain meaning of the text by tortuous arguments that in the end, as you so effectively point out, do not hold water. . . .
All the best as you continue to add a reasoned and scripturally based voice to the discussion.

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