Error #12 Shameless Acts, Not "Acts Committed Shamelessly"


Romans 1:27 states in clear terms that when men were involved sexually with other men those were “shameless acts” (aschemosyne). It does not say they “committed acts in a shameless, or excessive manner.” The latter is what is required to arrive at Dr. Brownson’s interpretation. The acts themselves are shameless. This is a serious error as it is important in interpreting Scripture to pay close attention to adverbs as in “committing acts shamelessly” and nouns: “committing shameless acts.” The true meaning of the Bible can only by determined by listening carefully to such distinctly different words.



Error #13 "Shameless" Does Not Mean Excessive 


The Greek term aschemosyne in verse 27 points to the genital area of body. This is a reference to simple acts of same-sex erotica without any reference to excesses.

By using a term for shame that contains a reference to the genitals the Apostle Paul penned Romans 1 in a way that it conveys the message that there is sin (shame) involved and it has to do with men and their genitals.

The noun used here is only found one other time in the New Testament This word carries no aspect of excess. This is a serious error as it is important to note when a biblical author is using a rare term and one must take note of connotations such terms carry. There is a reason Paul (the Holy Spirit) chose that term. We need to do our best to determine what that reason was.

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