Grand Rapids East Report of 2016

In 2016 Classis Grand Rapids East of the Christian Reformed Church produced a report designed to assist the church in its evaluation of the topic of same-sex marriage. The eight topics listed below are relative to Romans 1 that were raised by that report. Each of the eight will be linked to a page dedicated to evaluating that point.  

Exchanging Desires: A Conscious Choice - Initial Coverage

Exchanging Desires: A Conscious Choice - Final Response

         Current Status: The Specific Wording of Romans 1 Prohibits Same-Sex Acts

​         Addendum: The Same-Sex Matter and Science

            Pederasty And Prostitution Motivated Paul’s Understanding

         “Natural” – A Perceived, Not Biblical Norm

​         Paul Prohibits Excesses, Not All Same-Sex Acts 

           Romans 1 Contains Cultural Norms


Current:Paul’s Prohibition Not General; Limited To His Understanding

​​Future: The Context of Romans 1 Precluded Any Sympathetic Statement on Same-Sex Acts

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