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Is Homosexuality Dangerous to Society?

       The CARM website contains much good information.  

          If the data on the above page is accurate, how could responsible Christians encourage or even stand idly by as others become more involved in same-sex activities? If you are aware of any errors in that data or documents that contradict its statements, please let us know. Thank you.

Is Homosexual Practice No Worse Than Any Other Sin?

     Dr. Robert Gagnon, a prominent authority today on Christian sexual ethics, raises the question of whether or not there is a hierarchy of sins. Are some sins worse than others? Specifically, with respect to the topic at hand, if same-sex erotic acts are sinful, and if there is a range of severity among sins, where do these acts fall in the spectrum?

Sex in America

     The above link will bring you to a page where a sermon by that title is posted. You are invited to download a copy of the sermon and submit feedback on it as well. 

Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff on Same-Sex Marriage

       On October 13, 2016, Dr. Wolterstorff gave a talk in which he expressed his personal agreement with same-sex marriage. Click on the link above to find links to the Banner article on that talk, a YouTube video of the presentation and a response to it by Dr. Matt Tuininga. That page also contains a reply by Dr. Wolterstorff to his friend, Dr. Tuininga.  

Jesus Was Totally Inclusive - We Should Be, Too

       This is a position that is heard frequently with respect to the question of same-sex marriage. After all, Jesus told us to forgive seventy times seven, didn't He (Matt. 18:22)? Jesus taught His disciples that when someone would sue us to take our tunic we should give them our cloak as well (Matt. 5:40).  In Matthew 5:39 we are told that if someone slaps us on the right cheek we should turn our left cheek to him, too. These are all consistent in teaching that the Christian must go to the nth degree to do things for others but not require anything of the other person in return. Is this biblical?

Declining Membership of the Presbyterian Church USA

Some articles on the internet claim that the acceleration in the decline of membership in the Presbyterian Church USA is due to its recent decisions, e.g. to ordain practicing homosexuals. Is this an accurate assessment?  

The NARTH Institute

The NARTH Institute holds to the traditional understanding of marriage being between one man and one woman. It is a good source of material on therapy and other topics. One aspect, their view on the ability of people to change, is cited below: 

 . . . those who are  highly pessimistic regarding change in sexual orientation appear to have assumed a categorical view of change [total change], which is neither in keeping with how sexual orientation has been defined in the literature nor with how change is conceptualized for nearly all other psychological challenges.  The Alliance believes that viewing change as occurring on a continuum is a preferable therapeutic approach and more likely to create realistic expectancies among consumers of change-oriented intervention.   NARTH About Page

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