What about the claims that Jesus was unquestioningly inclusive and that we should be, too? The following conclusions appear on a blog written by a Welshman by the name of Dai Hankey. The full article is linked at the bottom of this page.


So where does that leave us regarding the claim that Jesus was inclusive?

Here’s where I land on this. I believe that as followers of Jesus we have absolutely no right to withhold from anyone the invitation to come to Jesus. Rather, we must follow the example of our Saviour who put His comfort, His reputation and even His very life on the line to offer grace, forgiveness and salvation to ALL – the lowest, the least, the addicted and afflicted, the down-trodden, the destitute, the religious and the wretched! Jesus welcomes ALL, and so should we! Let me just put this way – it is both ungodly and outrageous when Christians start playing the role of the moral police regarding those outside the church. We are not commanded to be calling ‘foul’ every time we encounter sin, rather we are commissioned to commend Christ and compel sinners to come to Him for mercy. Let me put it even more strongly than that – if you are more concerned about where someone has been putting their penis than you are about where they stand before Jesus – there is a serious gospel disconnect somewhere!

When it comes to the call to repentance and the offer of salvation – we should be as radically inclusive as Jesus was.


…while we are called to extend the open arms of the gospel to whoever would turn and trust Christ, we must remember that Jesus calls us to come as we are, but not to stay as we are. If we are to take seriously the call to make disciples, not merely accrue converts, we must take seriously the issue of repentance. If we are unwilling to give everything and stop at nothing for the sake of Christ, desiring cheap grace above costly commitment, then we are not fit to be called disciples of Jesus. As Christians we should be passionate about holiness. We should not be content to turn a blind-eye to sin, either in our own lives or in the lives of our church family, but rather “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4 v 15) we should courageously and compassionately challenge it. My fear is that many of us would rather not create waves, cause offence or be criticised for not being as inclusive as Jesus was. But just as excluding others is not Christ-like, neither is settling for a life that is anything less than exclusively all about Jesus.

When it comes to the life of repentance and the process of sanctification – we should be as unapologetically exclusive as Jesus was.

Jesus was exclusively inclusive.

We should be too!

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