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     One Flesh




The following pages cover sections of the paper entitled: "Dr. Brownson on Romans 1; 'Nature' and Same-Sex Marriages": 

      Nature as Individualistic

      Unnatural as Extreme

      Unnatural as Heterosexual Non-Procreative Acts

          The Traditional Understanding of "Natural" and "Unnatural."

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                   Dr. Brownson on Romans 1; Nature and Same-Sex Marriages

Dr. James DeJong and Rev. Wendell Karsen Comment on This Paper!

Coverage of "One Flesh: Male and Female Not Just Assumed, Also Required"

          The Context of Not Just Assumed - Required


                One of Two Valid Translations of "One-Flesh" Is "One Body."


                "Shall Become One-Flesh" Is Essentially a Command -Was Refuted

                   The Command to Become One Body Goes Beyond Bonding and Kinship



                 Members of the Same Sex Cannot Become One Body


                 Conclusion: Male and Female, Not Just Assumed, But Required

Coverage of Romans 1 "Only Prohibits Excessive Same-Sex Acts"

This is the heart of Dr. Brownson's Position

                  Overview: Dr. Brownson Holds Romans 1 Only Prohibits Excessive Acts

Error #1: Paul Knew of Loving Same-Sex Relationships

Error #2: Dr. Brownson Bases His Conclusions on the General Language of Romans 1 and Ignores Very Specific Statements

Error #3 Epithumia Did Not Mean "Excessive"

Error #4 Pathe Did Not Mean "Excessive"

Error #5 Biblical Use of a Term Holds Precedent Over Sources Outside the Bible

Error #6 Dr. J. Brownson Has the Wrong Person Dishonored

Error #7 "For" Refutes the Meaning of Excessive

Error #8 – The Words Females and Males

Error #9 – Verse 26b and “Nature”

Error #10 "Consumed" Indicates Mutual Love, Not Excessive Acts

Error #11 Verse 27 Indicates They Had Mutual Love, It Was Not Excessive Acts

Error #12 Shameless Acts, Not "Acts Committed Shamelessly"

Error #13 "Shameless" Does Not Mean Excessive 

Error #14: “Shameless” Links Romans 1 to A Universal Prohibition of Same-Sex Erotica

Error #15: "What Ought Not To Be Done"

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