The Phrase to Become One Body Goes Beyond Bonding and Kinship to the Point of Requiring Heterosexual Intercourse.

As we have seen in the section above which dealt with the meaning of the Hebrew word typically translated flesh in Genesis 2:24 (3.1.1) that word in addition to meaning kindred, blood relations is also understood as “body.”

One of the ways becoming one flesh can be understood is that it is a reference to the way in which husband and wife join their bodies together into one body during intercourse. This is clearly a very special union where two bodies become one body.

Now, two bodies do not become one simply because part of one body is inserted in any manner into another. When I was about 8 years old we went to visit an uncle and aunt who were dairy farmers. As soon as we arrived at their home we saw our uncle down on his hands and knees in a shed, next to a cow, lying on her side. The cow was very distressed as she was going through a difficult delivery of a calf. In order to save both the calf and the cow, our uncle reached his hand way up into the cow’s uterus. Perhaps my memory is not very accurate at this point in time, but it seemed like his arm was up into the cow all the way to his elbow. There is, however, no sense in which one could say that he and the cow became one body. Also, we make frequent visits to our dentists. Our dentists and the hygienists have to put their hands into our mouths in order to do their work. The fact that they put a part of their body into our body does not mean that we become one body.

The biblical reference in Genesis 2 to becoming one body and the quotations of that statement in the New Testament are references to a very unique and special kind of union. There is no doubt that these references are speaking of heterosexual intercourse. Just as with the example of a farmer assisting a cow in the birthing process given above, and the work of the dentist etc., there is no way in which two members of the same sex can be said to become one body. It simply isn’t possible. The act of two becoming one body requires the specific design of a penis and a vagina that were made to come together in a very special, very unique union, for a very specific purpose.


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