Another antique that will be on display is this scroll letter which was signed by Count Johan Adolf. It is dated 1676 - one hundred years prior to the birth of this country!

The text of the letter begins with, "We Johan Adolf, Count of Bentheim Tecklenburg, Steinfurt and Limburg, Lord of Linge, Rheda, Wewellinghofen, Hoya . . .

Be sure to get your reservation in right away so that you, too, can enjoy this virtual tour of our ancestral home, Grafschaft Bentheim!

The second castle is located in Burg Steinfurt. This is where the Count of Bentheim lives. His brother, Prince Reinhard, lives in the Castle of Bentheim. This castle is claimed to be the most beautiful moated castle in the region surrounding Muenster. 

The Count of Bentheim owns two castles, one in Bad Bentheim and one in Burg Steinfurt. The castle in Bad Bentheim is shown below: 

The picnic this year will feature the best photos from a collection of around a 100 such as these two here. It will also include a collection of about four dozen antiques collected via the internet. One such antique is this drawing shown below. It was done by Prince Julius in 1831.  

Internet Insights into Grafschaft Bentheim