September 8 Prayer Request

It has been less than two months since the last prayer email was sent out. There is good reason for that. The emails with Pastor White, the progressive RCA pastor in Los Angeles have slowed down. Additional topics need to be taken up to keep things moving. Hopefully he will continue to write on the topic.

I have investigated material that has been produced by voices in the CRC. There are three documents in particular. First, a paper published by the Reformed Journal and written by Joshua Herr, a lawyer in Los Angeles. Second, a paper posted recently on Facebook by Dr. Arthur Jongsma Jr. And third, an overture submitted in 2016 by Classis Grand Rapids East.

These documents all are good expressions of progressive, pro same-sex marriage positions. As such, they will be good statements to examine and see how they stand up in light of God’s Word.
A quick overview of the bullets below will show that these documents have been produced by voices that cannot be ignored.

• Joshua Herr
       o A Christian
       o A conservative
       o A Republican
       o President of the Los Angeles chapter of Log Cabin Republicans, a group                which advocates full acceptance of same-sex practices
       o A graduate of two Christian schools, Calvin and Pepperdine Universities
       o A lawyer practicing in Los Angeles
       o About 30 years old

• Dr. Arthur Jongsma Jr.
       o Clinical psychologist with a long-standing reputation in Grand Rapids
       o Authored/co-authored 78 books
       o President of All 1 Body, an organization located in Grand Rapids and                     dedicated to obtaining full acceptance in the CRC for everyone who is

            same-sex attracted, including those who practice same-sex erotic acts

• Overture from Classis Grand Rapids East
    o Signed by, among others:
 Dr. Jeff Fisher – professor of theology Kuyper College
 Dr. Loren Haarsma – professor of physics and astronomy, Calvin University
 Karen Helder – former Director of Operations - MidWest Region at Bethany            Christian Services
 Dr. Arthur Jongsma, Jr.
 Dr. Linda Naranjo-Huebl - Associate Professor of English, African and                       African Diaspora Studies, Gender Studies

This line-up is indeed imposing. Although, the test these documents must pass is to shine when they are exposed to the light of Scripture. I have recently reached Joshua through email. Hopefully he will be open to responding to questions sent to him. He has clearly taken a stand and put in effort to support the matter of same-sex marriage. Now to see if he will continue to support the cause in responding to examinations of it. Josh argues the CRC should not determine this issue is a matter of status confessionis, i.e. it is not a matter that all ministers and church members should be required to agree with. Basically, he is advocating we consider it a matter that we can agree to disagree on. I very much disagree with that.
Please pray that Pastor White, Josh Herr, Art Jongsma and others here will be open to discussing this topic.

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