Purpose of this Discussion of Professor Brownson's Book

The purpose of this study is to attempt to help provide answers for those dealing with same-sex attractions. The church is to be a light to the world. When answers are needed involving ethical matters such as same-sex activities the church should be there to help provide insight.

There are many voices today saying that monogamous same-sex relationships are healthy and are a valid option. Is this in fact true? There are also reports that such relationships are less likely to be monogamous and the incidence of AIDS for example is much higher.

If all instances of same-sex activity are sin in God's eyes, then even monogamous relationships will harm the people involved. If the unity of monogamous same-sex relationships is not sin in God's eyes but rather something He endorses and is healthy and good then the church should also be supportive of it. It is important for the sake of the well-being of those around us for the truth to be known.

As more and more people live in same-sex relationships the results of these relationships will become known. These results are already becoming apparent in an increasing number of studies that are being conducted. As this website is developed further a number of those studies will be referred to. The primary focus will be on what the Word of God teaches concerning same-sex activities. That is being done out of the Reformed conviction that the Bible is our only standard for faith and practice. That conviction originally arose out of the belief that our loving God will teach us in His Word what we need in order to live healthy lives. Christ has told us in John 10:10 that He has come in order that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

Professor Brownson has done the church a favor in that he has studied this matter diligently to see where the Scriptures stand on this matter. He has presented his findings to the church. The church can now take the results of his study and consider them in the light of God's Word. Every time God's Word is scrutinized concerning this topic the church has the potential to gain from that scrutiny.

In summary, the purpose of these pages is to consider the findings of Professor Brownson's book in light of God's Word in order to assist in some fashion in finding reliable answers for people dealing with same-sex attractions.

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